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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Why Republicans Love George Bailey

It's a Wonderful Life - the Sequel
FADE INTO CHRISTMAS 1958. Pan over prosperous Bedford Falls – Christmas music fades to funeral durge – pan into well tended grave yard – George Bailey, a little thicker, a touch of gray on the side, lifts his head, puts on his hat and walks alone out of the snow-covered Bedford Falls Cemetery. Behind him, a solitary digger throws dirt into a grave behind a tombstone that simply reads “Potter”. George is startled by an angular young man with tight fitting black suit, close cropped hair and a bow tie who suddenly appears next to him. 
'I don't believe we've ..'
'Oh we have a common acquaintance – you surely remember Clarence …'
George is shocked but attempts to hide it. He looks at the young man closely. On second look he doesn't look that young … .. FLASH BACK TO SCENES IN THE BANK show the missing $8000 … 
'Are you..' … George looks up with his eyes to the sky without moving his head.
'No – No!' The man in the dark suit theatrically looked down and then smiles at George and extends his hand. George pulls away in disgust.
'Now listen here Beelzebub or whatever your name is – 
'you can call me Bub if you like..'
I don't want any …'
'But it concerns the missing $8000 – Aren't you a bit curious …?' Bub smiles and wiggles his eyebrows.
'Well – yes – NO! What are you talking about? And what are you doing going around passing yourself off as a colleague of Clarence for?
'Well – we are in the same line – as it were – I was to Potter as Clarence was to you ..'
'Well that doesn't surprise me that flinty old ..'
'Now now – mustn't speak ill now …'
'What about the $8000?'
'Its been invested.'
'In what? Poisoned baby food?'
'In a sense perhaps. Its called a Republican political action committee.'
'Political Action what? – sound like some kind of Nazi or Communist thing ..
'Come with me George. Let me take you on a trip – like Clarence took you on long ago – only lets go 50 years into the future. And see just what your political action committee has become …

float over modern day Washington DC. Bub points here and there and George pulls back in horror. A Headline/News reel Montage appears – War in Iraq – WMD – Cheney's grin turns sinister – Bush reads to children – Torture – Abugrab – heck of a Job Brownie – Stock market crashes -Bush ducks shoe in Bagdad – Sarah winks – Glen Beck harangues fat Tea partiers– 'Kenyan president !' Donald Trump's combover– Mitt holding the cash – Fiscal Cliff..

'Do you see George?'
'Wait a minute. I am a Republican. I like Ike. I'm President of the Bedford Falls Chamber of Commerce for Gosh sakes!. This isn't the Republican Party. We believe in this country – we aren't the kind of people who would push this country in Recession just to make a point!'
'We have to strangle the Socialism! Starve the Beast!'
'Yeah – I saw where you want us to go – Clarence showed me Bedford Falls when you guys take over – Its called Pottersville!'
'But Roosevelt was worse than Stalin. '
'Well my brother got back from the war and went to college on the GI Bill. He's doing good – better than he ever would have done without it And paying taxes too!
'Well – your not a Republican anymore George. Ike was a softy.  We are taking back the country for the kind of people that belong in power – not ..not ..
'Yeah I know what you mean .You and your ilk are the one who aren't Republicans – Lincoln's Republicans anyway – you are something else – nastier – a bunch of greedy bastards – like old man Potter ...'George sniffed 'What is that smell anyway? Is somebody striking matches?'
'Yes – yes that's right George. That's right! Every time a demon farts – a billionaire gets more bling.'